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HOSH is in town at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE this Friday 9 November for a show you won’t want to miss.

Europe’s most prominent electronic musicians HOSH and HVOB will be delivering a set that promises to hypnotise and memorise the audience.

HOSH features a unique compilation that continues to be successful. He ties together different moods and grooves with his own signature style.

HVOB is a dynamic duo that provides vocals that hypnotise the crowd into a full on musical journey of electronic music.


Behind The Music

Although HOSH has been on the scene for over a decade, his recent move to Ibiza has opened up the inspiration for this German-born artist. In the natural peace of the Mediterranean island, HOSH took a break from touring and focused on what makes him unique.

Image sourced from people-machines.com

As a result, he released Stories from Sa Talaia, a double album presented as a DJ mix that’s free to download. The two hour opus tells one grand story rather than snippets and highlights, tying together different moods and all wrapped up in his own signature style. It’s led him to headline across four continents. According to HOSH, his sets aim to “hypnotise and mesmerise the people and get them lost in sound”.


The artist continues, “I would say the sounds of the mix go more hand in hand with the sounds I’m playing in my sets. As a matter of fact, I now play all the tracks that I produce and have never had as much fun as doing so. So the new album feels more like the sound of the real me rather than any new direction.“

The Stories From Sa Talaia mix will come on his own new label, fryhide (or in German ‘Freiheit’), which will also put out five separate EPs featuring the tunes from the mix. The label’s name is a fictive word but stands for ‘freedom’.

For reservations of this Friday’s event call 056 113 3400 or email reservation@bluemarlinibiza-uae.com