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Mike Ulanski and Adam Showalter, aka Down Home, have just released a hilarious song about being broke in Dubai.

The 2 American musicians who call themselves “the UAE’s number one country duo (by default)” released the track titled ‘Country Rich Dubai Poor’ just in time for America’s Independence Day.

The track is all about burning through their salaries in the big city.

The music video features the musicians decked out in full on cowboy hats and pointed boots, as they pity themselves about their empty pockets in the middle of a desert.

7000 Views On YouTube and counting

The video has already been viewed more than 7,000 times and a few have commented their appreciation for the cheerful and relatable content.

“Outside my window, yachts are floating in the sea,” they sing. “The mess I make gets taken by the cleaners every week. But I don’t own no boats, I’m just a fish stuck on the shore. I’m country rich, but I’m Dubai poor.”

About “Down Home”

Mike Ulanski, the guitarist and vocalist is from Cincinnati, Ohio, while Adam Showalter is from Craig, Missouri.

The duo have been living in Dubai for 7 years. They met in the UAE, as English teachers in a school. Neither of them teaches anymore.

They got their stage name Down Home from a Midwestern saying which refers to something warm, familiar and simple.

The pair have performed covers at various events including Formula 1 and Taste of Abu Dhabi Festival.

Their set list ranges from Nelly’s ‘Ride with Me’, Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ to as well as Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’.

Sounds like an interesting pair!