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By now, most of us would have heard the story of how music artist Ja Rule and entrepreneur Billy McFarland created the Fyre Festival, the biggest entertainment fail in modern history.

What was meant to be the party of a lifetime in the Bahamas turned out to be nothing more than a dumpsite.

The co-founders of the event, Billy McFarland and Ja Rule received an enormous amount of backlash and many would assume they would want to forget that it all even happened…. Right?

Well not exactly…

Ja Rule says about the festival:

“I’m not ashamed of Fyre at all. Because man, the idea, it was brilliant. It was fucking beyond brilliant… It was amazing, but it wasn’t what I dreamed it of being, and what I envisioned of it being, and what I wanted it to be. It wasn’t done properly.”

The festival was meant to be a ‘VIP experience’ on a private island in the Bahamas. Guests were promised private jets, white-sandy beaches and gourmet cuisine but instead, they arrived to find a tented site and were given cheese sandwiches on arrival.

Goodness! The poor staff who worked there were left unpaid!

Fyre Festival 2.0?

Even though the result was a complete fail, Ja Rule is totally convinced another opportunity can come from this catastrophic event and is apparently working on plans for another festival!

Say what?

Ja Rule told TMZ:

“In the midst of chaos is opportunity, I’m working on a lot of new things. I have plans to create the ICONNic music festival.”

This statement was made with reference to his new app, ICONN, which is described as ‘a celebrity entertainment booking & concierge service’ on the Rappers website.

It pretty much sounds like the way Fyre was described  and we all now how that turned out.

Well, let’s see how this new festival idea takes off !

Should we expect another documentary?

Only time will tell.