DubaiLAD 728×90 – 728×90
DJ Factory 728 x 90

Ok, so this isn’t tech we can really use to revolutionise the DJ game. But, we simply couldn’t resist. This awesome new kids toy has us all wishing we were kids again so we could play with this one. It’s a full DJ deck designed just for the tots. Now you can inspire your own kids to follow in mom and dad’s footsteps. 

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Make Your Own Music At 5 Years Old

How awesome would it be to say you’ve been in the DJ game for 20 years and you’re only 25 years old? This amazing new toy is for ages 5 and up. And it’s fully equipped with buttons that play beats. And it requires nothing more than some AA batteries and some creative juices. 

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So On Trend

What really gets us about this little gadget is the fact that it’s so on trend. The doll has headphones with kitty ears! The sweatshirt says “Explorer.” What better way to get your tiny DJ on than in style?

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We so want to get this for ourselves. But, in until time travel is invented, we’re grabbing this toy for every child we know. Our own kids, nieces, nephews, you name it. It’s a total winner! Grab it on amazon.