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Emmanuel Beddewela has wasted no time in making waves in the underground techno and house music industry. This young All Killer No Filler artist has already headlined in venues that many mature DJ’s could only dream of. Numerous industry heavyweights have championed his sound, Infusion were intrigued to get some insight into where this dynamic and uncompromising style originated from, and of course where the young producer sees himself heading in the future.

Born in 1987, can you give us some insight to your roots, where your music industry journey started, and how it lead you to where you are today?

My parents are a mix of Srilankan and Maldivians and I was born in Pireo, Greece. My early childhood was spent there, but soon after we moved to Milano, Italy and that is where I grew up and it is the city I consider my hood! My first record on 12” was released when I was just 18 years old and that is where everything started! Until today I have produced over 60 records, around 40 with my name on them. I personally think that I am where I am today, simply because of my passion and my love for what I do! I believe to have good results you have to dedicate yourself fully to the task, and that is what I have done for the last 5 years and will continue to do going forward. I won’t stop here; the sky is the limit! My label ARTS I see as an “institution” to provide a platform for all talented artists to grow, create their own space and to show others how it’s done.

Infusion heard that the main motto behind your approach to music is that “A true artist is the one who stands out from the crowd”. In your opinion what is it about you, and the music that you create, that has made you not only stand out from the crowd but direct it?

That’s pretty interesting, yes that phrase was a signature of my bio, and was indicating a precise way to explain a moment. I find when people get a hint of success, they often keep following others, and the way that others think, act, react and so on. I, on the other hand, was always the guy that went against the grain and this gave me a very troubled youth. As I grew up I slowly realized that I had to learn to respect others and their ideas or ways of doing things, but on the other hand I also realized that I had to stand by my own ideas and explore my own creativity. My music is my DNA, and how I express emotion, amongst other things, to a big crowd whilst performing is different to how someone else will because only I can see the world through my eyes. As I matured I learnt to accept that the way that I did things might not necessarily always be ‘the right way’ but that there was surely something magical behind my vision, and how people reacted to my idea’s. I still get shocked to this day when some of my very insane idea’s work like a charm, and we are able to go beyond just a concept. So, to me, I suppose this means “ standing out from the crowd”.


Would you agree that some of your most regular played regions are Paris, Berlin & Barcelona? Which stands out as your favorite as a DJ, and where would you choose to party yourself?

Yes, I do agree, I have lot of soul and love for all of those cities almost equally. It is hard to say where is my favorite place as a DJ, because I have a strong connection in all of them, and all of them added to my growth and development. France is pure fire. Barcelona I have a strong relation with Razzmatazz, and then we also had one of the biggest and most beautiful party’s in Sonar period for Off-Sonar there. But, there is literally no place like Berlin in the entire World! Berlin is the city where I fell in love, and it is the city that gave me a platform to breath, literally! This is the city where I found myself as a musician. Club wise I have played in every single big club of the city. We did Showcases in Berghain, and Tresor 2 times, and soon we will do one in Greissmuhle as well. This city is an unstoppable machine. I would definitely party in all 3 cities, but surely Berlin has a sweet spot, probably because it is my home now.


If you could play B2B with any artist right now who would it be and why?

I am not a very big B2B lover, I love to share, but I never found a real “ feeling” playing B2B with someone in my career. But if I have to choose I would surely do a Live act with Jeff Mills on the side and Ryuichi Sakamoto on the other side any day.

Just to name a few, you have already won over some pretty special dancefloors in the likes of Razzmatazz, MayDay, Corsica Studios and Batofar. What nightclub, that you have yet to conquer, are you most excited to play for in the near future?

Mayday was an amazing and unique experience, I really felt that all the hard work I have done during this years was worth it. For the future, I am very excited to make my debut in Khidi in Tbilisi, probably one of the most inspiring places that we have now in the Techno scene. It is also very special, because it will be an ARTS Showcase.