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With radical self-expression taking the party world by storm so are more environmentally conscious practises in the form of eco-glitter.

Photo by h heyerlein

Eco-Glitter is the New Black

The global community is becoming more and more expressive of their inner wild child. People are unleashing their kaleidoscope personas in the form of costumes, hairstyles, and—you guessed it—glitter.

Photo by Ashton Mullins

Sustainability is Stylish

At the same time, the world is becoming increasingly more conscious of the environment. We are all now hyper aware that we need to reduce our footprint. And, that also applies to the music and nightlife scene.

One way to ensure that you express yourself and stay on top of your environmental impact is with plastic-free glitter. The sustainable glitterati are taking the world by storm. Brands are popping up all over the world to keep the party going in the style of sustainability.

Some of our favourite brands are Wild Glitter, Glitterevolution, Eco Stardust and Eco Glitter Fun.

Article written by Nila McCann