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If you find yourself at Dubai International Airport, your experience may be a tad bit sweeter than your last visit.

That’s because there’s going to be a permanent stage which will play host to a rotation of DJs, featuring UAE talent as well as established artists from all over the world.

And the best part- it’s completely free.

DXB Airport Collaborate With Hollaphonic

This new “feature” is a collab between the Airport and DJ duo Hollaphonic.

The duo will be playing their first set at DXB this coming weekend from 12pm to 2pm on Thursday April 4 and Saturday April 6.

Gulf News reported that decks have already been set up at various points within the airport, and the duo will change where they play, depending on which section of the airport is busiest at the time.

Matt Horobin, Brand Director at Dubai Airports confirmed that “the programme venue will flex week by week on the basis of traffic and seasonality,”

dxb airport dj

DXB Airport Hosting DJ’s

Roughly 250, 000 people pass through DXB per day, so the idea to have a regular rotation of musical acts in the airport, taking artists from the best bars and pubs in and around Dubai and putting them on the world stage is pretty brilliant! Don’t you think?

So next time you make your way through the airport, listen for the beat!

DJ Line-Up At DXB

April 4

April 5 & 6
Scott Forhsaw

April 12 & 13
Mark ShakedownFree.

Noon-2pm. Concourse B, Terminal 3