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Awesome news for Aeli Fans!

The Dubai-based, Tunisian Music Producer and DJ has a new song coming out on 29 September 2019.

During his visit to South Africa, Aeli reached out to a South African Rapper – KA$HCPT. Together these artists created a track which pays homage to the South African heritage and is very inspired by the vibrant energy of Cape Town named “CPT”.

CPT Releases 2 September

 “CPT” is a song which showcases the talent that Africa has to offer. During his tour in South Africa, Aeli, with the support of Red Bull Music, collaborated with KA$HCPT and his producer TheBaker, Cape Town-based artists.

Together they created a track that pays homage to the local heritage and offers a peek into the vibrant energy of Cape Town, South Africa.

Aeli is well known for blending traditional Arabic/North African references and Future Beats to create Neo Hip-Hop. By manipulating samples, he pays tribute to the history and culture of its origin in a rather unique way.

For “CPT” he used the same approach with a sample of traditional chants of the Zulu People. KA$H  can be heard riding the beat in an energetic manner from the very first word. Throughout the song, he proclaims his love to Cape Town with clever, playful rhymes.

 TheBaker coated KA$H’s vocals with delayed effects to further contribute to the ambient sounds set by Aeli in the instrumental.

This song represents more than just love for Cape Town, it illustrates the essence of the city and honors its talented youth through strong, catchy word-play and emboldened energy. “CPT” transports you to the breath-taking Cape Town landscapes and the opalescent scenery of the city.

Track Releases 29 September

We heard a sneak-peak of the track and we are completely blown away.

Don’t forget to check out the new track!