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When it comes to Rock and Roll the word has come to mean a number of things in time and has been interpreted and translated into multiple formats – be it; rock, metal, punk, and hardcore along with each of its numerous iterations over the decades.

Enter Dothead, an alternative band led by Aditya “Adi” Parige who sings, plays guitar, and multiple instruments, along with the help of other musicians. Adi was born in Wellington, New Zealand, grew up in San Jose, California, and studied at film school in London, England although originally hailing from India. A true musical gypsy and vagabond if there ever was one! When asked how the name Dothead came about, Adi told me it was a name a bully in school used to pick on him.

Adi was kind enough to share his upcoming debut record, “Blessed”, the LP’s sleeve was designed by Adi using turmeric with the aid of some artists. The artwork is a reflection of Adi’s Indian roots and is a snapshot in time of a culture full of surprises. All the vocals, guitars, and bass are performed by Adi, while the drums and percussion are handled by Nicola Balac, and the mixing and recording are done by Saheer, Kamilo Kratc, George Nutt, and Cristiana.

Let’s put it this way, when you hear the opening of “Bobo”, which starts with a slight distortion, you cannot help but hear the grungy undertones reminiscent of Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley in his singing, followed by bluesy riffs, and intelligible lyrics that one can expect to find in this type of music.

Then of course the repetitive “Bobo” fade out bridge accompanied by the short yet sweet Black Sabbath esque solo, which adds another dynamic to the song. “Mama is Chacha & Chacha is Mama”, is definitely the catchiest verse in the song with such an infectious hook. This song should be made a single and it has the potential to become a radio hit, I just know it! An alternative gem that would be worthy of being in the 80s/90s canon of Indie or Alternative music.

“Sat Under A Bodhi Tree”, a psychedelic trip of a tune is reminicant of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. It instantly gets etched in your brain and puts you into a trance; that thumping jungle style percussion and subtle Carnatic guitar riffs are sweet as honey, along with the silent chimes.

We get to see Adi showcase another side of his versatile voice on this track. Where he goes from a captivating narrative and switches into a mesmerising and harmonious wail that will sway you throughout the song.

The song’s existential lyrics, “Maybe one day, I will close my eyes and vanish or lose myself inside. But it don’t look like that will go down this time” convey a deep philosophical meaning that gets the listener thinking of their own journey of self-discovery; without dwelling too much and worrying about where that path will lead them to.

Adi’s lyrical content dabbles with the divine, race, politics, to religion, romance, and worldliness; which can be heard in songs like “Ignorant N.R.I.”, “Maggi Mae”, “E.I.T.C. Scum”, and a “A Tree That Fruits”, that echo sentiments of creative punk.

“Asura in My Head”, has a very doom-laden and sludgy style of singing and riffage that transitions to an acoustic passage almost identical to The Melvins! There are some sludge doom metal elements incorporated. The lyrics to this song are divinely inspired with great references and facts backing it up, most importantly brilliant poetic writing and a touch of humour.

“Bijili Brains”, the album’s title “Blessed”, comes from this song. A standout track where Adi employs humour, rhetoric, factual knowledge, and personal experiences in such a profound way that will get you thinking and wondering. Chock full of harmonies and melodies that will move your very being to the core.

Thinking man’s music is sadly a dying medium in the current music industry and climate, and there are only a hand few artists in this World that create authentic music that speaks to the heart, mind, and soul, without the influence of a “Suit” and money making commercialised machine. Don’t get me started on auto-tune, pitch correction, and lip-syncing!

Adi gets his message across in such a way, that, he will keep you entertained throughout the whole listening process of the record.

Overall, I was impressed by the level of musicianship displayed in the whole album; Adi is a great songwriter who clearly knows what he is doing; he and the other musicians utilise an array of instruments and diverse sounds, coupled with his impressive lyrical content.

In a World where mainstream Rock is getting more safe, stale, and homogenized, and moving more towards derivative pop. Where digital music is getting increasingly popular over physical music, it’s a band like Dothead that is bearing the torch for Rock and Roll into the ever changing millennial musical landscape.

The music is so diverse and varied, to me this truly fits the alternative moniker – bands like Faith No More, Deftones, and Slipknot also fit this category where it is really hard to put them into just one or more genres.

Dothead is a band to lookout for in 2019!

“Blessed” is out now, go snag yourself a copy and tell your friends or even your pet cat, dog, or monkey about the record. I’m sure they will thank you for it!

Credit: Sasha Perera.