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Welcome to INFUSION DJ Factory, managed by Dubai’s longest running nightlife publication, INFUSION MAGAZINE. With over a decade of experience in the UAE nightlife industry as Publishers, Promoters and DJs, Infusion Magazine is expertly placed to equip the next generation of DJs with the skills, knowledge & knowhow to succeed in the industry. INFUSION DJ Factory specializes in hands-on tuition in a relaxed atmosphere in the Pioneer DJ LAB studios at ‘Just Play’ Warehouse & offer courses for beginners to industry professionals.

Infusion provides the platform to succeed by teaming up with notable partners DJ Corner, Dubai’s hotspot for DJ equipment to ensure students have the best equipment to learn and practice on alongside being tutored by a Dubai based collective of music enthusiasts and well-traveled DJs from around the world.
Furthermore, INFUSION DJ Factory is not only a place for practical training but also acts as a reference and backup service. We are able to provide the studio for practice sessions, advise on everything from hiring to purchasing equipment & looking for work in the club circuit.


In today’s dance music culture, DJs are becoming increasingly more influential. Our mission is to teach you the art of DJing. No gimmick or over-hyped nonsense, only the craft of mixing records with the love and passion for music as the driving force. Simply put, INFUSION DJ Factory will give you all the tools you need to build a profile to succeed on your own!