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Danny Aridi, rising star of the Middle East with an increasingly global fanbase, is set to release his latest track ‘Wanderlust’ this summer.

The Canadian/Lebanese singer has certainly made a great impression on the Middle East following his recent gigs alongside The Backstreet Boys, Katy Perry, Pink, Calvin Harris and Guns’n’Roses.

Aridi’s new single has a stylish video that was shot on location in India and it sounds like it’s going to open the singer/songwriter up to an even bigger audience!

Wanderlust Tells A Story

Speaking of his new release, Aridi says:

‘I try to tell a story with every song. Wanderlust was written on one of my travels, and I tried to capture the feeling of leaving your routine and grabbing a one-way ticket to a distant place for the sake of being more adventurous and living in the moment.’

The ‘Wanderlust’ video echoes this feeling, with Danny filmed on-location in India ‘experiencing the local culture, getting lost and going on multiple adventures while writing the lyrics to the song.’

Danny Aridi In The UAE

26-year-old Danny moved to the UAE about two years ago and quickly adapted to life in the Middle East after studying in Canada for seven years.

Danny has won support here – he has won Virgin’s ‘Best Artist’ competition and was also named the UAE’s Best Artist by What’s On at their recent annual awards show.

Danny’s track “Fool for You” was also the most downloaded international track on Anghami, while “Solo” reached number #3 on the iTunes charts in both Egypt and Jordan.


Danny says:

My main goal as an artist is to create music that can relate to the audience on a personal level. I love to perform, regardless of the numbers. I’ve played at gigs where there are 13,000 people in the audience to gigs with 4 or 5 people in the audience. I give it my all regardless, if one person is singing along and feeling the words then I’ve done my job.’

Wanderlust will release on June 13 via Universal MENA.