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Back in October, Corona Sunsets Festival hosted an incredible and sustainable festival. Sustainability, zero-waste and eco-friendly were definitely buzz words of 2018. But, this festival took it to the next level but incorporating it into the fundamental strategy of the festival. 

Corona Sunset Festival Fundamentals

Corona Sunset Festival was held from 25-27 October, 2018 at Barasti Beach.  The beach transformed into an organic, open-air gallery. They used bamboo to create jaw dropping artistic structures made entirely out of sustainable materials. The world’s largest grass species was constructed as walk-through pieces to highlight the seamless marriage between art, engineering, and human interaction. 

Upcylced art

Guests were invited to upcycle their wardrobes with OHOY SWIM made from recycled fishing nets and other plastics collected from the ocean and other eco-offerings including reclaimed wooden sunglasses from Wildwood of the Clean Waves Collective team. Additionally, there was a live art exhibit made from recycled waste. Festival-goers were invited to sign up to the 30-day pledge by going totally plastic-free.

Dubai’s First Sustainable Pop-Up Bar

The festival showcased a sustainable pop-up bar – a first in Dubai – focused on serving zero waste cocktails. The pop-up allowed festival-goers the chance to experience the change and committed efforts contributing to the sustainable awareness of the Corona Sunsets Festival and the consumer “DrinkPrint”. The bar invited participants to join a short workshop for a glimpse of how a zero-waste bar can run and how to implement these efforts in everyday life. 

Eco-warriors and the Clean Waves Collective

Ryan Ingram, eco-warrior and founder of TerraLoop—the Middle East’s first food waste consultancyjoined the Corona team to talk through the growing trend of zero waste. With live demonstrations throughout the day, Ryan and his team demonstrated to consumers that Corona cocktails don’t have to be wasteful. 

Ryan was joined by Angus McGregor, world-class cocktail designer and zero waste advocate, to form the Clean Waves Collective in their debut at Corona Sunsets Festival. They guided festival-goers on how to use fresh produce from the “Corona Allotment” and how to mix creations for every palette. Each element of the sustainable pop-up bar was ecologically sound, from the ingredients and glassware, right down to the cleaning of the bar itself. Revellers left with a Corona cocktail in hand, created using zero waste principles, taking inspiration from the Clean Waves Collective to implement these rituals into their everyday routine.

A Pioneering Movement Returns

The Corona Sunset Festival in October was such a success, they definitely plan on coming back in 2019. The dates haven’t been confirmed yet, but expect to be in the last quarter of the year. Dubai could definitely use initiative like these who bring the environmental movement to the nightlife scene. When it’s fun, everyone gets on board!