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The Summer season is around the corner and we are sure looking forward to making it an epic one!

With that in mind, Soho Garden has announced the launch of a new immersive club experience – Code Club!

Code Club will be combining artistic space and eclectic sounds.

Soho Gardens Latest Addition

Code Club is the latest addition to Soho Garden’s repertoire and will be launching on June 21st.

Soho Garden is a cosmopolitan spot at the edge of the city which combines the creativity of an urban scene with the elegance of a secret garden. With 4 stylish bars it offers a uniquely diverse mix of dining, pool lounging and nightlife experiences.

The latest addition will be located inside the Paddock, and promises to be the ultimate destination for those who seek to take their nightlife journey to the next level.

Bringing it back to what’s important, the music.

As their newly launched Facebook Page says “This club is not for the posers”

A guest artist for the launch is yet to be revealed but we are sure it’s going to be epic!

 Code Club Launching At Soho Garden

Where: Code Club, Soho Garden

When: June 21

Contact for more details