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Following his first album “Whiskey”, the latest album “Down & Dirty” will be released on 13 November this year. The album is written, produced and performed by Bull Funk Zoo with an aggressive and honest take on life.


“We live in a distorted reality on a virtual platform with twisted politics,” BFZ states of his album.

The genre is heavy metal meets rock meets punk. “The album fuses together rock, punk, blues and funk. It sounds like a Big Bad Bull fornicating and stomping the grounds to rubble.”

The album was fuelled by the desire to “make music about music and not the image.” BZF remembers the days before media when listeners would create their own mental pictures about a song or album. He strives to bring that magic back. “I want to make a dent and get people to question more. I want to revive that [magic] with ‘Down & Dirty’.”

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