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Welcome back to another edition of “Boxtalk with The Boxtones” – the 16th edition of your go to music source from the multi-award winning Scottish/Canadian rock band!

This week, the Universal Music act talk about a new technological beauty called LUMI from those guys at ROLI in the UK, an upcoming Summer album from L.A. rockers Tool and a night at the end of the month not to be missed at Barasti Beach! Enjoy the read folks!


Let us introduce to you an educational piece of technology and amazing new creation from Roli and it’s founding father Roland Lamb! The LUMI is a tool that is catered towards those who want to learn to play, jam along to their favorite tunes or for the professionals like The Boxtones keys master Will Janssen who wants to add it to his ever growing instrument inventory! Did you know he was one of the first to purchase and record with the original Seaboard Grand here in Dubai at Soundstruck Studios? In his eyes, the best part of the new LUMI is that it’s fully compatible with ROLI BLOCKS and his favourite DAWs – which is convenient for him because he owns and uses ROLI’s Songmaker Kit that contains a Seaboard Block, Lightpad M and Loop Block.

Some other cool features include a brightly lit keyboard surface, a fully integrated app that helps create the perfect musical experience – even on the go because of it’s portability, many interactive videos for learning the fundamentals of playing an instrument and so much more! We highly recommend you take a look at this product and head to the LUMI Kickstarter page to start pledging:


It looks like the rumours are true! We are going to be getting a new album from Tool – 14 years after their last release! There’s no title yet for their 5th LP, but the Los Angeles rock band are finally finished recording and it will be out in August! Sweeeeeeeet!

Their die-hard fans put 2-and-2 together when the band changed their logo on Facebook to one that included the Roman numerals for 2019. And plus, while on tour this past May, frontman Maynard James Keenan reportedly encouraged fans to share on social media what they saw – a video screen flashed the date “August 30th” during a brief intermission. But what can we expect from this album, releasing approximately 4600 days after their last album “10,000 Days”? We predict nothing short of excellence!


A new venue concept can be found every Wednesday in the “Barasti Summer Tent” and The Boxtones have been invited to share in the fun on Wednesday July 3rd! Starting at 11:00am, come #ReadyForWhatever because who knows what will happen! You can spin the “Wheel of Whatever” for new deals during the “Drinks Exchange” and be surprised by incredible giveaways and jaw-dropping experiences.

Best part of it all is you get to party with us in the evening! You’re going to get a great mix of original songs and your favourite hits from yours truly all night long so don’t miss it! Mark your calendars and see you there!