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The highly talked about “Boxtalk with The Boxtones” is back with a new column detailing the latest music news, gadgets and videos! In this edition, you’ll hear The Boxtones introduce a new Roland Virtual Camera app (for iOS and Android), news of a brand new studio album from Weezer and a very special feature with drummer Gill Janssen in a viral music video filmed right here in the UAE! Read all about it below!


Roland virtual stage camera app

With today’s technology, we’re surprised this hasn’t come out sooner! Now you can shoot your video and tour the world—from the comfort of your home.

We’d like to introduce you to Roland’s Virtual Stage Camera (a FREE app) that lets you remove the background from your own performance video and replace it with whatever you want! It’s available on iOS as well as Android systems. Imagine what it would look like to headline a famous music festival with that screaming crowd and those big lights…


Weezer’s upcoming “Black” album

One day we were randomly scrolling through videos on YouTube and stumbled upon “Zombie Bastards” – a new music video by one of our favorite rock bands from the 90s, Weezer!

This new single seems to be about surviving the zombie apocalypse with the power of music. Hmmm, we’re seeing a recurring theme here (look at the previous edition of “Boxtalk with The Boxtones” where we showcased Tenacious D’s “Post-Apocalypto” album – the world has ended and music was the only thing that saved humanity).

Looking forward to the new “Black” album and tour coming out next Spring! Fingers crossed Weezer come to our neck of the woods!


“GUNS & ROSES” music video

With over 2 million views (and climbing), The Boxtones very own drummer Gill was commissioned by international artists Ardian Bujupi and Helly Luv to rock out on her Tama drum kit in a very special music video, filmed right here in the UAE! And as you can imagine, we’re still trying to get sand out of the drums!

Quick behind the scenes fact: Helping the film crew on the day of shooting was a former security guard of Metallica. He could basically lift the whole drum kit over his head and place it in the desert for us!

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