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Want to find out the latest music and tech news from the multi-award winning Scottish & Canadian rock/pop band The Boxtones? Well, read on because in this edition of “Boxtalk with The Boxtones”, they tell us all about the new line of Shure recording products, a new futuristic sounding album from legendary British rockers Muse and some news about Spotify’s streaming service finally making its way to the Middle East! Go on…read on!


Shure MOTIV products

Naturally, as endorsees of all Shure products, we The Boxtones are excited to present you with some information about the new line of recording equipment from Shure!

Have you wanted to take your ideas with you on the go but thought it was too much to carry? Well, take a look at these handy little gadgets:

From left to right, we’ve got the MVi interface that connects an instrument to your Apple device. Then, we have the tiny MV88, which is perfect for vlogging and capturing audio in large rooms (connects via lightning port on an iPhone. And finally, there’s a virtually indestructible MV51, ideal for singing and/or playing acoustic guitar performances.


Our keysmaster Will had some things to say about this…

“Knights of Cydonia” was the first track I ever heard by the band Muse when I reached level 7 in 2007’s Guitar Hero 3 and immediately fell in love with these masters of sci-fi absurdity! Fast-forward eleven years and I’m still destroying my hearing by cranking their music on my loud home speakers!”

So what’s this news about a new album? Well, we’ve purchased it, listened to it, and fell in love with the band all over again! It’s got a cool blend of Nine Inch Nails meets retro synths from the 80s (which is actually funny because the album artwork was designed by Kyle Lambert, known for his work on Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’).

Take a listen for yourself – it’s an epic journey to say the least!


As of November 13th, Spotify’s streaming service is finally available in the Middle East! With more than 191 million users worldwide, their goal was to be available in every country and it’s looking like that’s actually going to happen!

This means that you can now stream The Boxtones original music on their platform right here in the UAE! We’re extremely happy to be a part of the fast-growing Spotify family!

Congrats Spotify Arabia on getting many of the regions artists the accessibility they deserve!

Click the link, take a listen, follow the band and share with your family and friends!