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Want to find out the latest tech and music news from multi-award winning Scottish & Canadian rock/pop band The Boxtones? Well read on because this week The Boxtones tell us all about the Shure SE535 sound isolating earphones, a brand new album and music video release from Bull Funk Zoo and some hot gossip about the 50th anniversary of the Beatles. It’s all below in Boxtalk with the Boxtones.


Shure SE535 sound isolating earphones

What can be said about the Shure SE535 sound isolating earphones? 

Well for starters, each member of The Boxtones has a pair for their BIG SHOWS! When they need spacious sound with rich bass, these bad boys are all that’s needed! 

For the best in comfort and sound, you can’t go wrong with this ultimate product! So why not visit Melody House (Gold & Diamond Park or Deira Fish Roundabout) and give them a try!

Need to know more? Click the here


Bull Funk Zoo New Album Release

One of the best rock bands to ever grace the Dubai music scene, Bull Funk Zoo are releasing a brand new album and music video this month! Filmed right here in Dubai at Moto Dubai with some rad motorcycles, it’s safe to assume this video concept from the man himself Assaad Lakkis will entertain all of us!

Be sure to visit their Facebook page on November 13th for the direct link to “Down & Dirty”.


The Beatles 50th Anniversary

Did you know that in honor of its 50th anniversary, the Beatles’ iconic self-titled LP (best known as the White Album) is getting a special release that will include 27 early acoustic demos, 50 session takes and the double album’s 30 original tracks! The box set The Beatles (White Album) is available November 9 and you can trust that we, The Boxtones are keeping an eye out for the limited edition four-LP vinyl box set!

For all the latest about The Boxtones stayed tuned to their Facebook page and Infusion for their bi-weekly Boxtalk column.