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Grab a fresh cup of coffee, sit in your favorite chair and enjoy today’s edition of ‘Boxtalk with The Boxtones’!

This week, the multi-award winning Scottish/Canadian rock band bring you news about the extremely versatile Boss GT-1B bass effects pedal (our bassist Jean can’t stop raving about how great it is), Weezer’s newest single as well as news about an upcoming album, and Shure’s Performance & Production YouTube Channel that’s a must for all of you performers out there! Read on friends!



Remember that issue where we told you about our keys/rhythm guitarist Will’s new Boss guitar effects pedal? Well The Boxtones newest member Jean-Louis has bought its brother – the Boss GT-1B! And now a few words from the man himself:

“I purchased the Boss GT-1B with the idea of ease and portability in mind. I have certain pedals I love to use on my effects board, but decided to add the GT-1B to it as it holds the sounds and tones that I love from Boss without having to acquire so many individual pedals that would increase the weight of my board by a crazy amount.

For the price and what I use it for, it’s perfect! If I am playing an out of country gig and don’t want to bring my entire effects board, I can just grab this and go as I can plug direct into the mixing board.

It’s really easy to use once you navigate around the controls. Really, you can take it out of the box at a gig and set it up in minutes before your set. For more in depth work on your tones, you can hook it up to your computer and have access to Boss’s Tone Studio. Further to this, you can use it as an interface for recording in your home studio – that is if you already don’t use any interfaces for recording your ideas.

All in all, whatever limitations it has, they are outweighed by all the benefits it has, again especially for its price point!”

For more info on this stellar product, check out the Boss website .



Weezer – one of our favorite bands from the 90s are still doing their thing by writing and releasing singles/albums on a regular basis (2 albums earlier this year already) as well as going on international tours (with BIG names like Tenacious D, Foo Fighters, Green Day and Fall Out Boy). Their newest track “The End of the Game” dropped a couple of weeks ago and has that particular Weezer sound, similar to that from their Blue Album (1994) and filled with big guitar riffs!

Set to arrive on May 15th 2020, the newest record ‘Van Weezer’ should blow up our home speakers with their big sound! According to frontman Rivers Cuomo, apparently the new album will feature over 100 guitar overdubs (that’s kind of crazy high…we love it!). He says his inspiration to get heavy again was due to their audience attending their shows (going crazy whenever they would hear a hint of that style).

Enjoy their brand spanking new music video and mark your calendars for next March!



What would a Boxtalk column be without mentioning Shure at least once? But instead of talking about a new microphone, or state of the art headphones, why not focus on their official YouTube channel for performance and production products!

This page that has been supporting our newest video aboard the QE2 is filled with informative interviews with audio engineers and endorsed artists (hopefully one day we’ll be asked to say a few words on our plethora of Shure gadgets and gizmos), system and product reviews, special series such as the Shure Drum Mastery (a global competition), THIS IS THE MOMENT talks with artists like Jason Mraz, a cool “For Those Who Tour” expose earlier this summer, plus so much more!

Check out the page and subscribe.

For more on the Boxtones, check out their website!