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No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you…that’s Boxtones keys master Will Janssen caught in a dream, playing his dream machine the NEW Roland Ax-Edge KEYTAR!!!

This technological terror – had to include that Star Wars reference for him – is the newest toy on the music market that has all guitarists and keyboard players drooling over it! Some features of this ultimate performance synthesizer include interchangeable Edge Blades and dark keys, which looks pretty ‘BADASS’ don’t you think?

Check out all the specs on Roland’s website and think about buying one for Will this holiday season – he’s been a REAL good boy this year…lol!


All Mumford & Sons fans across the world have been waiting for some new material…and the wait is nearly over! Not sure if you’ve heard about this or not, but there’s a brand new single from those guys called “Guiding Light”.

As fans of the band, lead vocalists Gary and Louise (and everyone at F1) saw Mumford & Sons rock the Du Arena stage last year and were blown away by their stage presence and the overall vibe of the concert with 15,000 plus singing along to every song! Safe to say that inspiration started to flow with new lyrical ideas and catchy hooks for some upcoming Boxtones tracks – exciting isn’t it?

The video was released in anticipation of the band’s upcoming album ‘Delta’ – available November 16th.


Following the quirky and very talented duo’s flick “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny” [2012], time passed on as we all waited to see if Jack Black and Kyle Gass would create something new…but years passed by, big blockbuster films were being made and we all started losing hope to hear JB’s voice of gold and KG’s silver fingers…

But then, all of a sudden in early 2018 while promoting Jack’s new movie “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, we were given the title of their new animated web series: ‘Post-Apocalypto’!

Aside from getting excited at the thought of new songs from the guys, we found a bit of extra trivia for ya:

Guess who recorded all the drums? Our favourite rock god Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters!

Start streaming the show right now and let your ears explore their fourth studio album!


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