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Welcome back to another ‘cool’ edition of ‘Boxtalk with The Boxtones’!

In this week’s issue, the multi-award winning Scottish/Canadian band are talking shop as they tell you about probably the most dynamic and powerful headphones from Shure (SRH 1540), about how pioneers of nu-metal Korn have released a new single, music video and news about their fall album ‘The Nothing’, and all about a random fashionable piece of sound equipment, the Bose Frames audio sunglasses where you can look and feel cool at the same time!

Check it out below and let us know what you think!



What can we say about the band’s recently acquired pair of Shure SRH1540 headphones? Well for starters, they are hands down the best piece of audio equipment our ears have had the privilege to listen to! We’ve even gone back to listen to The Boxtones’ previous two original albums ‘In The Pockets of Clowns’ and ‘Home’ where we hear literally every note and subtle ambience captured in the recording studio. And because of their lightweight and durable design, these premium closed-back professional headphones will stand the test of time and be with us (mostly songwriter Gary) for a long, long time!

And did we mention they are available for purchase at Melody House? Visit the store today and put on a pair for yourself – you’ll notice a HUGE difference from any other headphones you may have tried over the years! Full specs can be found here on the Shure site.



One day in late June, we were scrolling through our Instagram feed when we came across 90’s Nu-Metal band Korn’s official page with a curious looking image…leading us to investigate further. All that the photo caption told us was a date – June 26th 2019. So as fans of the band, we checked back daily to see the eventual unveiling of a brand new album ‘The Nothing’ due out on September 13th!

But that’s not all…there’s also a new single and official visualizer music video “You’ll Never Find Me” that has been released ahead of the album! And we are proud to say these Godfathers of Nu-Metal haven’t skipped a beat as their fans are still as strong as ever, giving the new single/video 2.5 million views in its first week and still climbing! Take a listen for yourself:



So just the other day, we were on a regular shopping trip to Virgin Megastore when we were approached by a Bose representative. He introduced us to a clever piece of tech that immediately grabbed our attention! Not just a cool looking pair of shades (for men and women), but sunglasses with a soundtrack!

This first of its kind audio augmented reality platform really packs a punch in terms of immersive sound quality with its built in Bose speakers and comfortable frame, this MUST-HAVE item is something worth talking about! Head over to the music section at Virgin Megastore and try on a pair for yourself…trust us, you’ll love them! Choose which Bose Frames audio sunglasses are for you here.