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The Summer months are here and The Boxtones have some music news coming your way in the new “Boxtalk with The Boxtones” in Infusion Magazine!

Join the multi-award winning Scottish/Canadian band as they share some up to date music info such as a new EP from Incubus (and a new isolation music video), our local mates 13 Daze (those guys from Lock, Stock & Barrel) releasing highly entertaining content and some amazing music production deals from Roli, Soundcloud and iZotope! Get reading now and be informed!

1. “ MUSIC-BOX” – New Incubus stuff?


Incubus, the American rock band from Calabasas, California have released new material and it comes at the perfect time! One of our favorite bands over the years are still going strong – even with the way the entertainment biz is going! Earlier in the year (before all the “stuff” hit the fan), Incubus gave us a new single “Our Love” which lead to the release of an EP called ‘Trust Fall (Side B)’ this past April. This 5-song collection melds hard rock, funk and electronica – reminiscent of their early material and written in their own music space deep in the San Fernando Valley. We have a huge amount of respect for these guys as they still have that “old school” band mentality where the best ideas and songs come from sitting in a room together, plugging in guitars and microphones, setting a work schedule and letting the creative juices flow together as a unit! So the new tunes were written and recorded prior to the pandemic, but what have they been doing the past few months? Same thing as us and many other bands – working together by collaborating over the information superhighway! Check out the new music video and watch out for more ‘Isolation Sessions’ from The Boxtones!

2. “LOCK-BOX” – 13 Daze on Lockdown

Are you looking to hear the latest ‘Dad Jokes’ from Josh the drummer? Waiting to see what guitarist Tristan will say next in French? Did lead singer Gaz get a haircut yet? And has that bass player Max fixed his internet connection yet? All of these questions can and will be answered when you follow our fellow rockers 13 Daze and their LOCKDOWN Sessions!

The Lock, Stock & Barrel rock band have been busy working behind the scenes, getting creative with video editing, and nailing their parts for some of our favorite covers…and a country song! Really boys? Lol

Personally we look forward to what these guys release next on their YouTube channel, and will know because we’ve subscribed to them (and think you should too). Can we expect an isolation music video featuring an original track? Maybe there will be one with an instrument swap? Hmmmm or maybe a collaboration between them and The Boxtones? Guess we’ll have to wait and see, but for now click the link below to stay up to date with our chums in the Dubai music scene!

3. “TOOL-BOX” – Deals on tools

Musicians from Dubai and all around the world have been forced to rethink how to earn a living using their art and craft if live performance isn’t really an option anymore. Now more than ever, getting our music out there to eager listeners is an absolute MUST and it has to sound as good as it can be! If you’re practicing social distancing and self-isolation like we are, getting into a professional recording studio seems like something that won’t be happening any time soon…so with that being said, bands and artists have to up their home studio game and utilize the best tools the world of music production can offer!


First off, for a limited time ROLI is offering a massive discount on select software and instruments to all Soundcloud Pro Unlimited subscribers! YES we, The Boxtones are eligible for this amazing offer of next-generation midi controllers, software instruments and sound libraries and YES our keys guy Will already owns some of this UK company’s products so you know he’s all over this. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the limited time offer, sign up to Soundcloud’s Pro Unlimited plan today as the 50% offer is only valid until June 16th 2020 – after that it will be down to 30% off. Click here for more information.

But that’s not the only deal that’s on right now! Have you ever heard of iZotope, the team whose mission is to inspire and enable creativity? Right now, for only $49 US (down from an estimated value of $895 US), iZotope are offering a collection of the industry’s best music production tools for mixing and mastering to jump-start your next project! In this Music Maker’s Bundle, you’ll get products like Trash2, Iris 2, Stutter Edit, BreakTweaker Expanded and all four Elements products for an incredible low price! Naturally, our band members have already purchased it and applied it to some new music projects we’ve been working on (especially the Ozone and Neutron Elements). Trust us, these plugs-ins will help your newest track shine and sparkle, so we strongly recommend thinking about getting it! Also as a good gesture, part of every purchase goes to MusiCares, The Recording Academy’s charitable foundation that provides critical funds directly to the music community!

Click here to learn more.