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Back with a brand new edition of ‘Boxtalk with The Boxtones’ in Infusion Magazine – your #1 source for music news from Dubai and beyond!

Get informed on what’s happening with music these days from the multi-award winning Scottish/Canadian band The Boxtones! This week, the rock band talk about their brand new YouTube channel and upcoming releases, Biffy Clyro’s frontman Simon Neil’s silly antics and very entertaining live Facebook acoustic sessions and a new tune accompanied by a fresh music video from those 90s rockers Weeezer! Enjoy the read peeps!



We are pretty sure you’ve seen our newest music video “Calling all Heroes: No Ordinary Hero” – a tribute to the heroes of the world battling the pandemic on the frontlines. We have had an overwhelming amount of people thanking us from across the globe for the beautiful dedication and it warms our hearts to know we’ve reached so many so far. So a big thank you to those who have helped share it!

But now what’s a YouTube channel with only one video? Well we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to record, arrange and film some of our original songs from 2013’s ‘In The Pockets of Clowns’ as well as 2016’s album ‘Home’. But with a twist…thought we’d mix things up with styles, tempos, clever video editing and much more! Watch out in the coming weeks for some pretty cool releases!

So if you can do us a solid, please head over to our new YouTube channel, click the Subscribe button and hit that bell for notifications – that way you don’t miss out on a whole bunch of new music videos coming your way!



Looking for something to do on a Friday night? We all know no one should be going outdoors unless they absolutely have to, and everyday might be looking like the one before for some, but lucky for you we’ve found a solution! Now we know we’re always going on about how great of a band Biffy Clyro are, but it’s not just the music that appeals to us – it’s their dedication to the art, the need to entertain and give back to their fans any way they can!

So if you’re up for it, and have some fun and creativeness in you, get out your favorite costumes and fancy dress every Friday with frontman Simon Neil as he busts out some hilarious and odd outfit choices while serenading us with his voice and guitar stylings, performing acoustic renditions of their greatest (and some obscure) hits! And as a bonus, if you share your silly outfits with them on their social media channels, they might even re-share for all to see! It’s a fun night filled with music, laughter and all around good fun!

Tune in to Biffy Clyro’s Facebook page Fridays at 9pm UAE time.



Slated for a release last this month, sadly the boys from Weezer have had to delay their forthcoming album ‘Van Weezer’ – a highly anticipated metal, hard rock riffs, guitar heavy record. But not to worry – feast your eyes and ears on their freshly released single “Hero”, a tribute they made to the frontline workers (similar to what we’ve done with our “Calling all Heroes” video project).

What we like about this quirky video is that they utilize their fans and followers to take part by passing around a hand written thank you note from Weezer Frontman Rivers Cuomo who also adds, “This one is for the stay at home dreamers, the zoom graduators, the sourdough bakers, and the essential workers”. Enjoy!

For more on the Boxtones, check out their website!