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WELCOME BACK to a new ‘Boxtalk with The Boxtones’ in Infusion Magazine – your #1 source for music news from Dubai and beyond!

In this edition, the multi-award winning Scottish/Canadian band would like to share music news about some incredible UAE musicianship during this isolation period. Sure we are encouraged to stay home and refrain from getting together for everyone’s safety (we haven’t seen any other band members for over 6 weeks now), but even without opportunities to perform live gigs – before and during Ramadan – we are proud to be a part of the UAE music scene amongst some really talented people!



So even with no live gigs, the creative juices are still flowing through the UAE music scene and we just had to share a few releases that are standing out at the moment!

The boys in Vandalye have released a tasty new single “Little Piggy” – which is available on all the usual streaming sites. It’s their first ever self-produced track and they hope it makes our quarantine a bit better. It does boys, it does!

As Per Casper are promoting a GO & PRE-SAVE campaign with a new single track entitled “Wad3i El7ali” and are wanting their friends & family to click the link and have it automatically added to your libraries. If it’s anything like their previous material with the voice stylings of Carla and fellow rock guitar noodler Taifi, we should be thanking them ahead of time for crafting some musical pleasantries! Pre-save the release here.

And then there’s Vin Sinners – the hard rock band have FINALLY released their 3rd studio album and it is amazing!!! This epic 11-song masterpiece is available through their official website RIGHT NOW.

But that’s not all! There’s an instrumental track on their YouTube channel that’s worth taking a listen to during quarantine. Enjoy “Our Last Chance”:



With over 30 nationalities contributing their talents, the UAE musicians and singers in isolation have worked hard to bring some music, joy and entertainment to our homes with our good friends at Park Lane Live and West End Worldwide! We recognize a fair share of fellow musos lending a hand to create and bring this beautiful project to life – such as fellow Scot Clarita de Quiroz, Adam Burgess, Keith Dallison and Louise Shufflebotham (just to name a few). Start sharing the video around with your friends – like you did with our “Calling all Heroes: No Ordinary Hero” music video. It will hit you right in the feels!

Watch it here on Inspire Performers YouTube channel:

For more on the Boxtones, check out their website!