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We, The Boxtones would like to start off by saying THANK YOU to the fans for everything you do for the band, its members and Infusion Magazine by reading our wee column. We enjoy writing the bi-weekly ‘Boxtalk with The Boxtones’ and believe that now, more than ever, we want music to help entertain everyone while practicing social-distancing by staying at home.

In this edition, the multi-award winning Scottish/Canadian band want to share music news about #TogetherAtHome (an Instagram virtual concert put on by Global Citizen and the WHO), a unique studio experience and informative tour of Bull Funk Studios led by local guitar legend Assaad Lakkis, and a brand new (long awaited) studio album from 90s grunge era elite, Pearl Jam! Rock on friends and enjoy the read! \m/



It’s hard not to get overly concerned and scared for our loved ones during this global health emergency, but we’ve been following a movement – a campaign put on by Global Citizen in partnership with the World Health Organization to help us all practice social distancing and promote global health! The #TogetherAtHome series includes many popular artists around the world, staying in their homes, setting up their mobile devices with Instagram ready to stream live and giving humanity virtual concerts daily! So far we’ve seen Chris Martin of Coldplay serenade us with some tunes, country star and former American Idol judge Keith Urban, the soulful John Legend belted out a tune or two on piano accompanied by his wife Chrissy Tiegen, Charlie Puth went live from LA, the very popular OneRepublic rocked the house with a number of hits, and many more are getting announced everyday!

So we ask you the question: Should The Boxtones do the same?

Would be a challenging task as we are all separated from each other at the moment, but maybe it could be a weekly pre-recorded series where you the fans tell us what you want to hear. Let us know, and be safe!



Our long time friend – wacky rock star and guitarist of Bull Funk Zoo has been spending his hard earned money and time building his own home recording studio! We aren’t going to tell you about everything this guy can do, however, we can let you know that apparently he’s got an impressive rack that sounds like a boss (sounds dirty but it’s not – lol) and has the knowledge and passion to create some pretty killer music in there! I can see there being many artists visiting him for studio recording and production stuff when all of this is over…

But for now ladies and gentlemen, we’d like you to say hello to Assaad Lakkis and take a STUDIO TOUR around the brand spanking new Bull Funk Studios! (Oh yeah and don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel).



Though some artists have delayed their new album releases (Lady Gaga’s ‘Chromatica’ postponed as she feels like it wasn’t the right time to release it and our Scottish lads Biffy Clyro delaying ‘A Celebration of Endings’ until August due to ongoing concerns surrounding the pandemic), one band that we’ve loved since the first time we heard them in the early 90s, Pearl Jam have released their 11th album entitled ‘Gigaton’ (meaning a measurement of mass, equal to one billion tons – the same climate observation of Antarctica losing between 92 and 159 gigatons of ice per year) and it is quite interesting. Apparently it was pieced together over the years from various studio sessions, experimenting with drum loops and programmed synths, swirling keys and spacey textures, and of course the clearly recognizable and talented voice stylings of frontman Eddie Vedder.

Take a listen if you will…enjoy this artsier side of the band and join Pearl Jam on a journey of mystery, travelling into the unknown of what our futures entail…

For more on the Boxtones, check out their website!