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Ready for a rock-filled ‘Boxtalk with The Boxtones’ column? Join the multi-award winning Scottish/Canadian rock band on a journey with up to date music news from Dubai and beyond!

In this issue, the rock band are excited to talk about their favorite Scottish trio Biffy Clyro (releasing singles, upcoming album and 2020 world tour), the legendary Ozzy Osbourne still going strong with new music videos and an album, and a clever Beatles compilation from those Canadian kids Walk Off the Earth! Keep on reading folks!


Now I know what you’re going to say, “The Boxtones are always blabbing on about Biffy this, and Biffy that” – but for a good reason. Who else is still producing amazing rock tunes while coming up with clever campaigns to sell their music? Even with events, world tours and festivals getting cancelled literally EVERYWHERE, the power trio Biffy Clyro seem to be going strong and ready to tour in late 2020 across Europe and eventually down under (fingers crossed they make a stop over here in Dubai again like last time).

And in case you missed it, the boys have released 2 singles “Instant History” during a BBC Radio interview and “End Of” on Apple Music Beats 1 podcast with Zane Lowe.

Biffy Clyro have also started pre-orders on their upcoming studio album, ‘A Celebration of Endings’ – available on May 15th across the globe on multiple formats – CD, cassette, digital, vinyl or a collector’s edition boxset.


What a wild ride the Prince of Darkness has been going through lately! In late 2019 he released new material for the first time in nearly a decade (accompanied with some pretty bad-ass music videos), announced the cancellation of the “No More Tours 2” farewell tour due to ongoing health issues (battling Parkinson’s Disease), and a couple of weeks ago he brought out his new studio album ‘Ordinary Man’ – which features guest musicians Slash and Duff McKagan from Guns n’ Roses, drummer extraordinaire Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, the legendary Sir Elton John, and trendy Post Malone.

But now the man himself has told the media that he’s hoping to head back into the studio next month to record another album with Andrew Watt (producer). Figures instead of sitting around his home doing nothing, might as well get creative while in recovery mode. That my friends, is dedication and inspiring to us all!



A couple of years back, while on holiday in the Rocky Mountains, we were soooo close to seeing these guys perform in Banff, Canada. Gutted because this troop of Canadian musicians are so talented and have a unique way of covering popular songs in their own style! So we thought we’d share this new release on their YouTube channel –a live performance piece at Rebel’s Rock Pub in Hamilton, Ontario featuring hit after hit from The Beatles (note the timeline in the video from 1962 to 1970).

So how does this compilation of hits compare to The Boxtones Beatles Medley created years ago? If you haven’t heard it yet (not sure how), only way to find out is by coming to see us perform at our gigs in the UAE after watching this clip:

For more on the Boxtones, check out their website!