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BOOM! A NEW ‘Boxtalk with The Boxtones’ is HERE!

Join your favorite ROCK BAND in getting to know some cool music facts this week:

BOSS has released a brand spanking new stomp pedal called the SY-1 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal, the legendary Metallica have been dabbling in the children’s books arena (ABC book coming out soon) and a local workshop is being put on by NMK Electronics Enterprises and Shure MEA!



If you read last week’s Boss feature (talking about the Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor), well we have more news surrounding a clever little guitar synthesizer pedal!

This expressive tool has 121 ultra-responsive built in sounds, transforms any guitar or bass into an extremely versatile synthesizer with an incredibly clever option of pressing and holding down the stomp pedal so the last played synth sound sustains, while allowing you to shred a regular guitar patch over the top! SOOOO COOOOL!

And what’s more, it slides in perfectly on your pedal board due to the same dimensions of a classic BOSS stomp pedal! Can’t wait to check one out here in Dubai…maybe Melody House will carry them



NO WAY! The Lords of Metal are releasing a children’s book in a few months and we absolutely have to get one for The Boxtones newest addition, little Master Luke (Gill & Will’s adorable son). “The ABC’s of Metallica” includes rhymes and illustrations as the band take us all on an alphabetical highlighted journey through their history (from Garage Days to Master of Puppets) and some other fun behind the scenes facts!

The book will be released on November 26th 2019 and in case you didn’t know, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Metallica’s charity foundation “All Within My Hand” which supports workforce education and fights hunger in struggling communities.

And before the book is on the shelves, the band will be on tour throughout the Summer…performing at festivals around Europe…and fingers crossed…they come back to the UAE!!! The 5 of us attended their last Abu Dhabi concert and man…that was probably the best live show we’ve ever seen here!

So can you guess what we’re going to do now? Pre-order a copy via the link provided on Metallica’s official website:


Want to know of a HUGE annoyance we have with certain artists poor knowledge of professional microphones? Well the biggest one is how to handle a mic during a performance…and we see the wrong technique all…the…time!

But there’s more ways to fix that issue by attending an upcoming Shure workshop being put on here in Dubai by the teams at NMK Electronic Enterprises and Shure MEA! Later this month our good friend and speaker Barry Kassab will take you back to school with a hands-on and live demonstration in the “Vocal Mic Lab”! There will be an introduction to Polar Patterns, how to handle noise and microphone shock-mount designs, the many various mic usages, what to expect between wired and wireless applications, and our personal favorite – best practices and what to avoid during performances!

For more on the Boxtones, check out their website!