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First off, Happy New Year from The Boxtones! The popular Boxtalk column is back and better than ever! Join the multi-award winning Scottish/Canadian rock band on a journey with up to date music news from Dubai and beyond!

This week, the band share music news from Shure (limited time offer to trade in your old BT1 cable), a concert announcement for this coming May with a UK orchestra performing hits from Dr. Dre’s 2001 album, and the legendary Ozzy Obsourne is back with a vengeance, releasing new music after nearly ten years! Read it, love it!

1. “TOOL BOX” – Shure Bluetooth cable exchange

the boxtones

Guess what? For those of you who want to upgrade your wireless cable (RMCE-BT1) to the new RMCE-BT2 cable with up to 10 hours battery time, you can do so for a reduced price of 200 AED instead of 485 AED (for a limited time – offer ends January 31st 2020). Shure recommends this upgrade to all of us so we can take our music experience to the next level with the new RMCE-BT2 Bluetooth 5 earphone communication cable. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill in the application form
  2. Print your return form (an email sent with a processing number)
  3. Send the old BT1 cable back to Shure
  4. Shure receive the old cable in their warehouse to be inspected by technicians
  5. Voucher code issued via email for your new BT2 cable

Visit Shure’s website link before Jan 31st and treat yourself to this great offer.

2. “BOX SEAT” – No Strings Attached and Dr. Dre

The Boxtones

No Strings Attached are pleased to present “An Orchestral Rendition of Dr. Dre: 2001” – a combination of a traditional orchestra merging with a modern live hip-hop music event in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai!

We can’t lie…the memories are rolling in from the times we would listen to this epic album that featured various American rappers like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit and Nate Dogg! And did you know it has sold nearly 8 million copies just in the United States? Wow!

Because the tracks from the 2001 album have so many intricate music layers, Eventbrite and No Strings Attached are bringing in one of the UK’s leading orchestras to perform a complete rendition of the album while being accompanied by DJ’s and singers. For those who are still around during Ramadan, you can check out this unique experience for yourself on Thursday, May 7th (Abu Dhabi) or Friday, May 8th (Dubai) – location and ticket information to be confirmed at a later date.

And as awesome as it would be to see him live, Dr. Dre will not be attending this event. Sorry.

3. “MUSIC BOX” – Brand new material from Ozzy? Awesome!

The Boxtones

It’s been nearly ten years since Ozzy Osbourne released any new music and boy he’s on a roll! The Prince of Darkness has been resurrected in recent music news with new singles, music videos, an upcoming album release and some supreme collaborations!

This past September, Ozzy was featured alongside Travis Scott on a Post Malone track “Take What You Want” and there’s also a surprise collaboration coming in 2020 with the legendary Sir Elton John. About a month ago, Ozzy released “Under The Graveyard”, an eerie look at a time in his life where he was at an all time low, but was inevitably rescued by his loving wife Sharon! Check out the music video released this past December:

But that’s not all! This past week, another bad-ass music video was released, “Straight to Hell” the 2nd single from Ozzy’s forthcoming album, ‘Ordinary Man’ which will be released later this year via Epic Records! It’s weird yet cool to see Ozzy seated and holding a cane amid a clash between demonstrators and authorities wearing riot gear…but hey, that’s Ozzy doing his thing as a full on rocker! And who’s playing that jaw-dropping guitar solo? The one and only Slash! Watch it on Vevo here:

Can’t wait for this album, which features some other incredible musicians like bassist Duff McKagan from Guns N’ Roses and Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers on drums!

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