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Want to find out the latest music and tech news from the multi-award winning Scottish & Canadian rock/pop band The Boxtones?

Well, read on because in this edition of “Boxtalk with The Boxtones”, they tell us all about the TD-1KPX2 portable V-Drums, a new music video as well as a new album release that has grabbed their attention!


ATTENTION ALL DRUMMERS! With our lady drummer Gill being an avid user of Roland V-Drums, we thought we’d share with you the cool and easy to use TD-1KPX2 portable V-Drums! Now we know playing on a REAL acoustic drum kit is the preferred choice, but imagine taking only minutes to set up for a rehearsal utilizing the folding stand complete with a built-in kick pad and cymbals as well as an all mesh-head V-Pads for the snare and all toms! No more retuning the skins, lugging around those cymbals and that extremely heavy hardware bag! As an added bonus for you metal drummers, this “take anywhere” kit has twin-pedal compatibility unlike other electric drums.

Only things you need to bring over from your acoustic kit days are your preferred drumsticks (Gill recommends a set of Vic Firth 5Bs) and a drum key for making setting up the TD-1KPX2 a breeze! For more info on this product, visit here.


Looks like someone went heavy in 2019! And what’s that? Do we hear a guitar solo in a song? When was the last time a mainstream band released a single with a shredding solo section? Can’t for the life of us remember…

“Out for Blood” signifies the return of the Canadian rockers Sum 41, with a brand new music video from their upcoming 7th studio album Order In Decline (out July 19th). And if you have followed the punk-pop act’s career, this album also marks the return of lead guitarist Dave Baksh (he left the band in 2006). Check out their brand new music video …



Unless you’ve been living under a rock – or have missed previous editions from us in Infusion Magazine, you’ll know that one of the band’s biggest influences in rock music is the Scottish power trio, Biffy Clyro (they performed here in Dubai at Hard Rock Café Festival City last year). These Glaswegian’s have been working tirelessly on a new soundtrack album for an upcoming film “BALANCE, NOT SYMMETRY” which will be screened at the Edinburgh International Film Festival later in June as well as the name of their title track.

This 17-song original soundtrack is loaded with hit after hit while the band showcase their unique sound and brilliant songwriting skills! And you know what else? You can pre-order the album on 2 x 12” 140g vinyl that will release on July 26th (naturally, that’s what we’re going to do as our home collections grows larger and larger) Take a listen for yourself on whichever platform you prefer.

For more on the Boxtones, check out their website!