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This new year is already shaping up to be one of the best ever. Base has announced its partnership with UK’s Candypants to launch Crazy Land!

Base & Candypants, Jungle & Sea

After an incredible year 2018, Dubai’s own homegrown super club, Base opens this year’s season on a high note. They’ll bring he jungle and the sea together for Crazy Land, their newest regular event. Crazy Land will launch on Saturday, 12 January. One half jungle, the other half under-water themed, the event hosts stellar sets from top international DJ. The music featured commercial house and chart-topping hits complimenting the dual concept, jungle and water. 

Bringing you the best in the world

For this event, Base proudly partners with globally renowned nightlife and clothing brand, Candypants. They’re known for curating show-stopping experiences across the UK, Spain, Las Vegas and the UAE. Candypants hosts the hottest DJs in the world to usher in a new era of extreme partying every Saturday.

“BASE has always set the standard for partying in Dubai since its inception last year and we’re incredibly excited to partner with Candypants and bring together a weekly nightlife concept that is unlike anything the city has ever seen before and will be a feast for partygoers’ senses”. 

Said Evgeny Kuzin, founder and managing partner of Bulldozer Group, the architects behind BASE.

Candypants is no stranger to Dubai, hosting crazy and wild parties. They tool over Rugby 7s and even Formula 1.

“We’re extremely delighted and proud of how Candypants has become a global name in nightlife and clothing and our partnership with BASE is a match made in heaven. I have no doubt that Crazy Land will set the standards for Saturday night partying and fast become a favourite in the city”.

Said Ray Chan, founder and owner of Candypants. 
Candypants’ F1 yatch party

Get ready to be blown away

Feast your senses with a kaleidoscopic backdrop of the jungle and sea, stunning pyrotechnics and pumping house and pop music that will make your Saturdays unforgettable. Crazy Land kicks off on Saturday, January 12th, so get ready to bring a new type of craziness to your weekend and prepare for an end to the weekend that you’ll never forget.

Discover a New Year of new sonic horizons at BASE!