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If you a Rekordbox user, don’t upgrade to Catalina just yet!

According to reports, Apple’s new macOS Catalina update causes major problems for DJs that use desktop apps and file management systems such as Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox due to the discontinuation of iTunes.

According to The Verge , the app which replaces iTunes does not have XML file support. This means that it’s impossible to export the iTunes Library file that many apps rely on to import a user’s music collections.

Don’t Update!

This revelation goes against Apple’s earlier statement that users could manually export the XML file from the new Music app. Catalina’s launch now proves that this is not the case.

Apple is now advising that if you rely on DJ software that needs this XML file to function, you should not update to Catalina until their developers have issued compatibility updates for the new operating system.

Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox is probably the most affected by the new OS is, as thousands of working DJs rely on it to organise their files.

DJ Tech Tools reported that there is no support or beta that works with Catalina yet, with Pioneer DJ worryingly saying: “We will finish our initial research by the end of October 2019 and will post updates on our progress when we know more.”

In their latest public beta versions NI’s Traktor and Serato DJ have added support for the Music app, but they still advising not to update.

But at least there’s good news for some. Algoriddim’s djay and Virtual DJ users don’t need to worry. Both of these apps are compatible with Catalina.