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There was lots of anticipation for this moment.

Tickets were sold out instantly, 4 months prior to the event!

A huge crowd stood by for the moment that Aphex Twin emerged in New York City for the first time in close to two decades.

Richard D. James better known as Aphex Twin, has built up a reputation for constructing music that is out of the ordinary. “Outsiders” relate to his music and he can be considered a hero – a God even.

Aphex Twin Deals With Twittersphere

But leading up to the highly-anticipated New York performance, Aphex Twin was embroiled in controversy surrounding a previous performance in Mexico. There were many mixed reviews about it. But the conversation got a bit out of control and instead of concentrating on his actual performance, the focus was on who actually deserves credit for the music he was playing, took over on social media.

However, after some artists sharing their support for Aphex Twin, delighted by the fact that he chose to play their music, it helped clear the air. Eventually, the crowd could not even care less and they listened intently to their hero’s work.

Aphex Twin silenced the debate with melody and beats.

From techno, jungle, acid, drum n bass and more the crowd heard a set that got them moving. Much of the set consisted of Aphex Twin’s own material and unique style in mixing. It wasn’t a simple assortment but nothing was forced.

The stage production was an incredible visual show. It included warped images of New York’s musical and cultural figures while James stood in complete darkness, never saying a word.

He could just be seen in the distorted images occasionally projected on-screen.

A Performance To Remember

For the last 20-minutes, Aphex Twin focused on fast-paced percussion and rhythm.

‘Hello Darkness’ a classic by Bay B Kane’s led into the contemporary gem ‘Feel It’ by Pete Cannon.

‘A Lot Of Drugs’ by Venetian Snares was squeezed in too, before it all came to an end.

We are sure that many walked out of Aphex Twin’s first show in New York in nearly two decades, felt something they’ve never felt in a long time.

Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait another twenty years for another experience like this one!