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There’s a lot to come from Analog Room as it celebrates its 7th year in Dubai.

As a platform, Analog Room has been promoting the artistic and cultural values of underground dance music since 2012. It has played a big role towards developing the region’s dance music culture. As a party, it promotes a diverse musical experience that nurtures the coming together of people to celebrate their shared passion for quality underground dance music.

Over the past 6 years, Analog Room gained an undeniable reputation of being an intimate and unique experience from the Middle East. It has thrived every Thursday while remaining true to its ethos: Presenting cutting-edge lineups of both home-grown and international artists with a superior-quality sound.

Analog Room maintains a passion for keeping the roots of electronic music alive. They’ve given international DJs the opportunity to introduce their sounds to the region while providing local artists the chance to get inspired and find their own voice.

So what’s next for the Analog Room movement?

1) Launching its own record label

Analog Room ended its anniversary month on a high note with a surprise launch of its own record label, Moozikeh Analog Room (Music of Analog Room). The first release was by co-founder and resident artist Salar Ansari, with 2 special remixes by Patrice Scott and Donald Lee Roland II. You can listen to snippets of the release on our Soundcloud channel. The full release will be available for purchase in limited edition vinyl starting January 15, while the digital release date is yet to be announced.

2) Monthly talk series titled Club Culture

Club Culture is a series of monthly talks that is meant to help create a more transparent environment within the local scene. Hosted by Karam Toubba, every episode will feature one of the various global and local players in the industry, covering a different angle of the field each time. Since Dubai’s is still a relatively young scene, the aim of Club Culture is to further Analog Room’s mission of encouraging dialogue and shaping discourse. Each episode is available on Analog Room’s Facebook and Soundcloud pages.

3) An app to reward the regular “Roomers”

To support the fans and members who have been there from the start and to welcome newcomers to the scene, Analog Room has also launched its mobile app.  The app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. It boasts a loyalty program that offers real rewards to all “roomers” without them needing to know the promoters personally. This helps Analog Room reward all the loyal “roomers”, even the ones who do not have the privilege of knowing team members in person.

4) Adding new resident DJs to its roster

As an institute, Analog Room has been able to provide its residents with a global platform through which they could hone their talent and establish their careers in music. That is why, as it enters its seventh year, it is proud to announce the onboarding of the second generation of resident artists with a shared vision: Pooja B., Ricardo de Meneses, TODD and MAAT.

What to expect from Analog Room?

After building a truly knowledgeable base that is ready to express its own talents and passion, Analog Room’s Year 7 strategy is taking a new direction. Starting from 2019, Analog Room is fully dedicating its stage to local talent. This means that even in cases where international guest artists are booked, promotions of all events will only highlight local performers.


With more events and more opportunities for shaping discourse and development, we know that the best of Analog Room is yet to come.