SOHO Beach – All Day I Dream – Jan 25th 2019 (728×90)
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Friday, 25 January, get ready for the latest All Day I Dream event at Soho Beach in Meydan. This is normally a ticketed event. But, guess what? This time there’s free entry!! Soho Beach gets ready to knock your dreaming socks off with a killer line-up. 

A Party the Way It All Began

This time, the line-up is incredible. All Day I Dream parties began on a baking Brooklyn rooftop back in 2011. Since, it has become an international sensation, spurred on by Lee Burridge’s signature technicolor emotionalism. That sort is all too rare in the current electronic music scene. The line-up features Lee Burridge, Sébastien Léger, Lost Desert and Soho DJs Jixo & Danz and Mar+Mer.

Lee Burridge Lighting It Up

Lee Burridge is a DJ, producer, and record label owner. He helped launch the underground club scene in Hong Kong during the early 1990s. Today, he  plays at nightclubs across the world. Renowned for his storytelling musical style in his DJ sets as well as for his energy and enthusiasm in the DJ booth, his style encompasses the deeper and groovier end of house and techno. Burridge was a member of England’s Tyrant Soundsystem (along with DJs Craig Richards and Sasha) and has mixed albums for labels such as Balance, Fabric, Global Underground and Hooj Choons.

The Sounds of Sébastien Léger 

Sébastien Léger has taken and unorthodox approach to his musical career resulting in a unique and creative output. Over the last 20 years, he has learned to adapt to the changing tides of electronic dance music. The result is that he’s managed to stay very much in the game for a very long time. He’s released music over a 20 plus year period, including studio albums and lots of EP’s one several different labels including his own. 

Find Yourself in a Lost Desert

In a place of solitude sat a man, his studio a sanctuary. Time weathered many a landscape on Lost Dersert’s journey while his soundscapes were created and practices honed. During his time alone, he crafted his sound. As he travelled, he always listened very carefully. He absorbed and captured all the noises and wonderful vibrations around him. Finally, he found that music exists in almost everything if you listen closely enough. You can find is from grains of sand sweeping against the salt pillars of the White desert to birds returning from the skies above their inner cities. These sounds became textures and details in each musical expression. Now, as they melt in to one, they magically paint pictures behind listeners’ closed eyes. Lost Desert is a destination full of mystery. Ready to charm those who find their way.

The party starts at 5pm on 25 Jan. Check here for details and reservations.