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This month adidas unveiled the VRCT jacket, which is a fresh take on the classic varsity look.

The new design celebrates team pride and self-expression, while paying homage to the traditional letterman jacket.

 VRCT features a customizable patch which invites athletes to show the world who they are.

VRCT Jacket Inspires Creativity And Self Expression

To inspire creativity and self-expression, the VRCT jacket has a classic adidas ‘A’ team patch which can be interchanged. Athletes are able to choose a word selected by some of adidas’ leading creators which include James Harden (FAMILY), Denise Schindler (I’MPERFECT) as well as Ning Zetao (BRAVE).

James Harden, NBA MVP said:

“Sport is about showing the world who you are, and my style on and off the court has always been a big part of how I do that. VRCT takes the iconic varsity design and makes it a canvas for self-expression.”


Each athlete worked together with adidas to create a patch which represents what they stand for and their own personal story.

adidas Middle East then invited 4 local influences to show us how they best represent the badge:

I’MPERFECT: Challenging the notion of perfection in society by proving that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

  • Tima Deryan – Mountaineer, entrepreneur and activist

BRAVE: For overcoming challenges and summiting the highest peaks in the Middle East despite being faced with obstacles.

FAMILY: The inspiration behind her confidence and entrepreneurial success, shaping her into the person she is today.

  • Walid Yari – adidas athlete and recognized fitness influencer

YALLA: For every time he pushes himself forward to be the best.

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