DubaiLAD 728×90 – 728×90
DJ Factory 728 x 90

Two outstanding artists, collaborate to take us through a sensual music journey and extremely rich compositions. Abeer Nehme serenades us with vocals while Marcel Khalife works his magical music. The greatest poets of all time add to the story of this precious album with names alike, Germanos Germanos, Zahi Wehbi, Henry Zoghaib, Habib Younes, Michel Abou Rjaili, Joseph Harb and the inimitable Mahmoud Darwish.

“Sing, Abeer! Singing is an inedible desire and a lasting whim. Sing, as much as you can, in the fleeting moment of a time that does not wait. Abeer Nehme, between your performance and your feelings, I have been building a joy ever since you first toasted my melody with the magic of your voice.”

– Marcel Khalife

Past, Present and Eternity of “Sing a Little”

This unique collaboration evokes sentimental and nostalgic emotions of listeners. The music is limitless in its melodies. And, a few might bring you back to the traditional beats of Lebanon’s whole-hearted past, childhood, or towards an old lover’s passion. Marcel Khalife and Abeer Nehme eternalise such feelings in Sing a Little album.

Powerful Sounds and Traditional Instruments

The album is beautifully crafted through many powerful sounds. We have Hassan Moataz on the cello, Tahmoures Poumazeri, the sitar and daff, Sohrab Poumazeri on the the kamancheh, Marcel Khalife on the oud and Faraj Hanna on the bouzoq. Ali Khatib and Salman Baalbaki play the req. Walid Nasser plays us the tabla. And, Al Mayadine organises the choir.

The symphony is conducted by Michalis Economou, and sound engineered by Marie-Josephine Melchoir at Qantara at Jean Pierre Boutros Studio. Sing a Little is also mixed and mastered by Skip Burrous at Baumhaus Recording Studio in Houston, Texas.