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Just 12 days ago, at the end of his trial in Stockholm, Sweden, A$AP Rocky was temporarily released from jail.

He returned home to the US where he awaited the ruling on charges of assault.

The verdict is in for Rakim Mayers, better known as A$AP Rocky. He has been found guilty of assault.

The star will serve no jail time according to reports, however he has received two years’ probation.

A$AP Rocky Found Guilty

In addition to the probation, the rapper has been ordered to pay 12,500 Swedish kronor to the victim which will be shared between his two associates, also found guilty in the case.

The judge stated that the evidence in this case was rather complex.During the ruling, the judge rejected Rocky’s claim of self-defense.

The victim and his lawyer however, failed to prove that Rocky used any bottles during the attack. This was one of the key factors during the trial, and  there may have been a harsher sentence if proven.

The Incident

This case has become one of the most highly publicized celebrity court cases of the year.

A$AP Rocky spent a month in jail together with two members of his entourage.

They were taken into custody on 3 July after claims that he and his group had attacked 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari in Stockholm while the rapper was in the city as part of his “Injured Generation” tour.

Social media had videos of the altercation spreading online with Rocky releasing his own video on Instagram in a bid to highlight how he and his entourage were provoked by Jafari.