Infusion Records

Infusion records are now accepting demos from both regional and international artists. Please send all to

At the forefront of Dubai’s nightlife scene stands one name, Infusion. Incorporating all facets of the entertainment industry, The Infusion Group is a culmination of media and entertainment that include Infusion Magazine, Infusion Events, Infusion Entertainment, Infusion Creative & Infusion TV.

It was only natural what would come next; Infusion Records.  Infusion approached Conan Liquid to front and direct the project. This internationally recognized, 25-year music biz veteran and acclaimed DJ and producer could not turn down such a motivating opportunity. For the producer who DJs or the DJ who produces (he has never been quite sure), not only was it the next step in his own career, but the next step for the Infusion conglomerate. 

House music has splintered into many different genres over the years and Infusion Records has a simple aim; bring an amalgamation of some of those genres to the table, grow with the ongoing movement of house music and showcase a refreshing output of local and international talent. 

Infusion Records will release a steady, select, respectable flow of tracks and remixes.  From the head nodding sounds of Jackin’ through to the deeper underground movement, it will encapsulate the electronic and organic ingredients that is familiar and prolific in the more quality house releases.