Big question

What’s the maddest thing you’ve seen in a club?

  • Beth Sykes
    Beth Sykes

    When Cirque’s ringmaster Darren was drumming on our scary baby headed dwarf whilst on stage to drum music.

  • Joise

    When Bendini our resident bendy man took to the stage with fake limbs and started throwing them in the audience. All the guests thought they were real!

  • Genny Mirtillo
    Genny Mirtillo

    The Battery Man in Cirque, conducting electricity through his body and cooking sausages with only two forks and his body.

  • Vika

    Cirque’s very strange freak show, like a midget swallowing a long balloon.

  • Bendini

    The look on people’s faces at Cirque when performing crazy shows like when I bend all my limbs.

  • Ravi

    We transformed Cirque Le Soir into a jungle, the look on the guests when walking into a dark scary jungle with crazy animal performers running around was priceless!

  • Ringmaster Darren
    Ringmaster Darren

    Every day is a mad day in the nut house of Cirque!