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Hop To It

Having been running for over 13 years now, The Irish Village’s Hopfest has grown to become a staple of the Dubai social calendar. With hundreds of bottled and draught hops from around the world to choose from it is hard to know where to start. Ahead of the Dubai famous Hopfest 2017 weekend between September 7 – 9, Infusion Magazine sat down with the captain of The Irish Village Dave Cattanach to find out more…

What was your inspiration behind Hopfest?

Over 13 years ago a few guys and myself from A+E were sat around and we came up with the initial ideas for the Hopfest. This was a huge investment and both companies decide to GO FOR IT.Three months later a DUBAI tradition was born.

Did you travel the world sampling the various hop festivals?

Regarding the different hops this is Charlie from A+E, he sources the wide variety of beverages from around the world.

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What entertainment will there be during the weekends celebrations?

We will be having three bands and a DJ the best of what Dubai has to offer - Maple Jacks…Roadie and fixer. DJ Marky Mark will provide the cheese on all that meat.

Looking back over the previous events, which has been your favourite and why?

To be honest every year has been brilliant. It’s just the energy of the crowd when the bands start rocking it. I do like Saturday though, same bands but a lot more chilled.

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What else, apart from the myriad of hops can we expect from Hopfest 2017?

It’s just a great big party…and you should not miss it.

Hopfest 2017 takes place at Irish Village, Al Garhoud, Dubai on September 7-9, entry is free of charge and is suitable for children.