Unhappy App'y

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Unhappy App'y

It is of trivial excitement when one of your fave social media apps gets the latest update. Competing against all others and stealing the limelight for a whole of 48 hours - at least until the other popular apps cotton on and mimic the same features... 

So, it is a breakthrough when your apps get innovative and release the latest fad, but let me state, “Snapchat, you went too far!” 

The latest Snapchat add-on locates your exact position at all times. In fact, it even shows when you are on the move! The app HQ claims the exposé feature enables you to see if friends are hanging out without you... Paranoid, much? A ‘ghost mode’ option is available, and this way you’re able to spy on others who haven’t figured out how to apply it... Yet. 

Unfortunately for Snapchat, I actually have a life. Surprisingly enough, I’m too busy getting to my own destination to be bothered about anybody else. If stalking is your thing though, this app is ideal for you.

Monkey Out...

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