Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking

Here’s a home truth – we’re awful, awful at taking criticism. We’re dominated by back-slapping awards, where papers self censor their news, where most magazines spew bland press releases into the churnalism ether. And to top it all off, defamation is illegal even if what you printed is true as it could hurt their business – no s*** Sherlock! 

People react with wide-eyed disbelief when you tell them that their product needs work or that they could improve what they’re doing. And yet, largely, constructive criticism is what helps us get better, it’s what makes us learn – by mistakes. The Angry Monkey has made plenty – that mullet hair cut I had in the early 2000s was truly shocking – but someone told me it sucked harder than my mum, and I changed it. Until we grow up and accept that other people’s opinions matter and that debate is healthy, we’re going to go nowhere fast. 

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