All All That...Jazz?

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All All That...Jazz?

So, I’ve kept quiet, I’ve kept schtum – which believe me, is harder than a Ben Klock mix – as the Emirates J*zz Festival has denigrated its name over the years. Sure, it might have hosted pop names James Blunt and David Gray, but it’s also given us actual jazz names like Freddy Cole, Randy Becker, and erm, Jools Holland. 

But I have to draw the line at this year’s J*zz festival – Enrique Iglesias? Mariah Carey? Tom ‘Delilah’ Jones? Miles Davis must be rolling in his grave. The only way it could be made worse was if previous guests Olly Murs and Sting jumped up onstage for a live twat-off. 

Stop having a laugh and call it the Emirates Music Festival already…

Monkey Out...

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